Deft Systems offers training in 2-4 day blocks. We are willing to expand, condense, or combine training blocks as safety and common sense permit in order to craft a perfect train-up for any organization.

Long Range Rifle I

In Long Range Rifle, we start from the beginning with ballistics and marksmanship classes, and then quickly move into rifle and optic setup. With rifles and optics prepared, we move into a grouping drill. Following lunch, the class spends the rest of the afternoon collecting DOPE (Data On Previous Engagements) from 200-800 meters. We will use ballistics calculators to show students how to get starting data, and DOPE to show students the importance of verification. Day 2 of training focuses on wind calling, and ends with a sniper qualification table of fire. Minimum equipment requirements are a rifle capable of 800 meter shooting (5.56 is acceptable), and a scope capable of bullet drop compensating.

Land Navigation I

The basic course teaches students the fundamentals of navigating in the field, without GPS. We start with a study and quiz packet which the student completes at home. The first major event is a review of basic map reading concepts. We then cover the necessary tools of dead reckoning: pace count, azimuth, and terrain features. Students spend the remainder of the course finding points from 300m to 1200m in distance. The course includes night navigation, and a module on self-rescue when lost.

Land Navigation II

The focus of Land Navigation II is on terrain association. Students will learn to use handrails, backstops, and how to appropriately conduct a map reconnaissance to plan the best route. Students will navigate more difficult points that demand in-depth knowledge of topographical maps. The course begins with a day of review and technique training, and finishes with a day or more of 1km to 5km points.


Our Stalking course begins with a review of camouflage fundamentals, and instruction on basic stalk techniques such as tree-stacking, loopholes, movement, micro terrain, and stalk planning. The students quickly transition into live stalks for the remainder of the course. Students should have a ghillie suit or equivalent for this course.