Sendit Ballistics

Updated Fall 2018: Sendit Ballistics 1.2.2

The iOS family of devices have more computing power than what got America to the moon. It’s time to use it for rocket science. Introducing Sendit Ballistics, the iOS ballistics calculator built around your next shot. This app was made with the field user in mind.

Sendit Ballistics provides the shooter or spotter with an elevation correction as soon as it knows the gun and the range. In fact, Sendit Ballistics starts up to the shot page, with the shooter’s default gun loaded. Download Now for free!

Key Features

  • Fast 3-DOF algorithm with refined forces for highly accurate corrections
  • Opening screen starts with the default gun and a range slider for rapid corrections
  • Weather, altitude, latitude optional
  • Rapid wind changes
  • Customizable range card
  • Low-light mode
  • Angle firing
  • Free to 250 meters, $4.99 to infinity

Apple Required Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: we don’t collect a single piece of data from any user, ever. Sendit Ballistics uses DarkSky, and Apple Locations for weather. Users who use the auto-download feature are subject to those companies’ policies.

Beta Testers Wanted

Deft Systems is always recruiting beta testers for Sendit Ballistics. All beta testers will receive all feature upgrades for free. Sendit Ballistics only works on iOS devices version 8.2 or above at this time.

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