A Battle Sight Zero for the M-4

There is an old school graphic for the M-14 (7.62 NATO) which has been floating around for awhile now (hat tip WRSA). The point of the article and graphic is for a shooter to have a single zero, and to memorize holds.

This is a great concept for carbine shooters as well as battle rifle shooters. I have made an updated graphic for a new generation of gun owners. This is for the M-4 series of weapon, firing the M855 or M193, with the standard Army 300 meter zero. At this zero and these rounds, the holdovers are correct due to the higher MV of the M193 balancing against the higher BC of the M855. Use the comment section to tell me what other graphics to make. Without further ado…


If you like the infographic, you’ll love Sendit Ballistics for iOS.

7 Replies to “A Battle Sight Zero for the M-4”

  1. These are truly useful practical zeroes. Thanks for making them. The visual aspect is an excellent concept. I’m sold.
    You asked if there are others. How about the 300 blackout, supersonic and subsonic. I imagine there would be one for short barrels and long barrel rifles.
    Is there ones already made for .308?
    Thanks much. Appreciate you.

  2. Note an easy mnemonic for a portion of this 300 meter zero:
    Four hundred = Forehead
    4 hundred = 4 head

  3. Mtnforge, don’t know if it is applicable to your situation or not, but Primary Arms makes an excellent SFP 1-6x optic with the ACSS reticle, which is specifically designed around the ballistics of the 7.62×39 and 300 BO cartridges. It’s worth the money, IMHO…

  4. Primary Arms has been coming out with some amazing budget scopes for carbines. I hear their top line stuff is good too.

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