Gear Review: Bushnell 78154ED Legend T-Series Spotting Scope

1.5 / 5

Bottom line: Long range shooters should look elsewhere.

This scope is fine for casual long distance viewing, or wildlife watching. The price is excellent, and the features are plenty. Unfortunately, the glass is not of a high enough quality for serious rifle round spotting.


I wanted to love this spotting scope. It has all of the features long range tactical shooters want: a mil reticle, 45X magnification, three focus rings, rail attachments, tripod mounting, rugged construction, and best of all, a front focal plane reticle. At roughly $500, the price is eye-catching. Unfortunately, this scope’s glass just isn’t good enough to spot trace, or even round impacts on steel from very far.

At range, the view is blurry. The glass is difficult to focus at any range, but becomes impossible out at 800 meters. The main focus ring is spring loaded, and will start creeping on its own on a hot day. The glass was so poor that I ended up just using my 15X Vortex riflescope to spot my buddy’s rounds, because it was a better view.

This review should not be seen as a dig on Bushnell; they are a great company. Unfortunately, they skimped just a little too much on this glass, and the result is less than their usual stellar performance.